Monday, February 16, 2009

So far behind...and loving it

So I wanted to do a quick update and say I am still alive. All I do is work, work and work some more, but I love my job. I am currently on a nine day stretch without a day off, but tomorrow is a well deserved day off, WOOHOO!! All those dollar signs, yeah right!! Hoping my pal Lynn can make a run to to do some retail therapy, but that depends on if her schedule works with mine...sigh. We all had the flu and it was nasty. Took four days for my fever to break, but I only missed one day of work. They MADE me stay home. Ross ended up in the ER when the Tylenol wouldn't keep his fever down any longer. We are all well now. Sylvester got it last, but got over it the quickest. GO, LOL.

No scrapping lately, but my desk is calling to me. I'm hoping the six-day work weeks will be ending soon. Only time will tell. So stick with me and I'll post some pics soon. Hope all my pals are doing well. Come play on Facebook. Lots of fun!!!! Look me up if you know me, and add me, say hi!!