Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Tarpon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great day! I caught an elusive trapon! Perfect day. Beautiful weather. Seas were calm. No sharks in sight. Lots of tarpon~not many hungry ones. Mine wasn't that big~ only about 90lbs. But it was a blast!!! Thank you to my hubby for a great day! Now I just want to catch a bigger one...wahhahahahhaaaa

Friday, May 23, 2008

Been thinking lately...

About lots of things. How blessed I am, my family is. Thinking about where I want to go with my life. Thinking about what I have done with my life since I stopped working full time to raise my son. Just taking a lot of things in and wondering where I will be in the next year. I have enjoyed being home to raise my son, but he'll be seven soon and I feel like I want to get back out and work with people. I really like working with people and with the public. I like to think I am helping in some small way in people's day to day. Sounds kind of silly, but I really like it. And I'm not even really an outgoing person either. But I take pride in any job that I take on and become totally immersed in it.
I've been thinking about people who have been in my life, a lot lately, too. Some have come and some have gone. Sometimes I think I try to hard to be nice to people. I think there are people that just don't want anyone to care about them. I guess because people like that really don't care much about themselves. I've been thinking why are they like this? Why can't people just be nice? Is is such a hard thing? Apparently it is for some. These type of people seem to latch on to anything that comes along and go for the ride until they're through using them and discard them like anything except another human being who has feelings. I just don't get it. It really bugs me and I can't seem to let it go.
And then there are those people that I know God put in my life as a true friend. Someone that you just know wouldn't hate you if you made a mistake or couldn't ever forgive you. The kind that doesn't judge you. A TRUE friend would never hold things over your head or take something you've said and put it into context that suited them. You could have them over at your house without feeling they were better than you and find faults. That realize we are all different. They would take an apology as just that. Not condemn you for being imperfect. I have been blessed with a friend like that and it's been so long to have someone I feel like I can really trust. It's such a good feeling. Sometimes the person you think is your friend isn't and the one who may have been off in the background is who God has put in your life instead.
Well, I've probably rambled enough. People just never seem to amaze me. Wouldn't this world be so much better if people quit making excuses and just did what was right? Now thats something to think about.

Monday, May 19, 2008

NO gain~NOpain..

That's right. I said it correct. NO gain then NO pain in the world of WW's!! BWAHAHHAHAHAAA! I still have officially not had a gain since January!! So, I am at 37.2 lbs. lost!! Yeah baby!!! Not a major loss this week but I still had a loss!! And I had to go back and check, but this was not my worse week either. So therefore I am a happy camper!!!!!!

This week is going to be a BIG loss. I can feel it. Wanna hold me to it? Kay. I'm game. I will have my biggest loss yet this coming week. That means I have to lose 4lbs. which is my biggest loss as of now. I'm gonna do it. I can feel it!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I just LOVE this photo of my mom!!! No, I adore it. She looks so sweet and girly. Then I look at her knees and remember all the stories I've heard about her growing up and I have to smile.
She was so stinkin' cute and had quite a bit of the SPICE thing going on too. That baby buggy she is standing with was one her favorite things. She said they called them prams. Sure mom, baby buggy.
I did this LO with some of the awesome goodies in my Bad Girls kit. LOVE these kits. Yep. SO hooked.
My next challenge will be to use some of these goodies to do a boy page. Yeah. I got a few boy pictures so I better challenge myself to think outside of the box. I do have some more really, really cute pictures my mom gave me that I am thinking I may do a mini album with. Lots of dolls and toys and cuteness that would look oh so amazing with my kit. Sigh. So many ideas. So little time.
On a different note, I hope to get out and catch a tarpon soon. I'm itching to catch one. But I'll wait until the seas are calmer. Not real big on the idea of being out there rocking and rolling with a 100lb+ fish on. I'd rather be a little more sure footed. LOTS of extremely LARGE HUGE sharks out there. Yeah. No. I'll wait for better weather. KWIM?!?

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am so looking forward to summer. Just two more weeks of school. And a little more than a month and S.L. will be done working for the summer too!! I hope we do lots and make lots of memories. I can NOT wait to go to the Keys in August! And hopefully I won't be to awfully scary in a bathing suit. By August, I hope I've lost enough to matter!!

I did this LO for Prima's May skecth. I love the Dude collection. So bright and fun. The sun is created with Prima flowers. My guys love the boat. And all the things summer brings.

Tarpon have started running and I'm also looking forward to catching one this year. Seems like every time I was able to go last year, something came up. Don't have a pesky work schedule this year so hopefully I'll have more chances.

Have to get little man to school. I'll post some more tomorrow. My mojo is flowing so I hope to post more pics! Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just a quick post to say that I lost another 2.4 lbs this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, my new obsession is to increase my weight loss to atleast 4lbs. a week. I think I can, I think I can..... I will!! I need this to go faster.

So thankful for the 36.5 lbs i have lost. SO thankful. But with SO much more to lose, I must increase my weekly losses. Hello exercise, you are becoming my new inner voice. I have to do more!!!

Wish me luck! I CAN do this!!! Have a fantastic week! Hope you achieve all your goals for the week.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I have had a great day. I got to sleep in until 9:15 and then woke up to Ross running to get his card from the drawer where he's been stashing all the things he's been creating.

His daddy took him to town and said they had to go get some things to work on the boat, and I never caught on, because apparently he never told Ross where they were really going so he wouldn't blow it with his oh so suttle way of saying they aren't up to something. So I believed they were out doing errands but they were out buying a few surprises for mommy.
Ross picked out the prettiest bouquet of flowers and I also got a store bought card from him and daddy both. I personally love his own card the best!!! They also bought dinner and even though Ross wanted fried chicken, daddy was thinking of me and my points and got me rotisserie chicken. They also got me yummy spring rolls. This is one of my new favorite types of sushi and it's all veggie in rice paper. Delicious.

I also went and seen my mom this morning and gave her my card and gifts. She loved them. She cried and cried. These photos are of the little acrylic key chain I made her. It says-never, never, never, forget. It really turned out cute.
There are pictures of my gramp in it. It's the perfect size. 2x3. I used Heidi Grace's Oh So Moody line and the colors turned out perfect. She LOVED it. These are a couple of the pics inside.
I also made her a frame with a pic of her and I that my aunt took while she was here. I hand wrote the quote-A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unecessary. She cried over that too. Love that. Love that she loved them so much.
I hope you had a great day and remember to call your mom if you haven't already!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Teacher appreciation

This is what I've been working on for Ross' teacher. I'm happy with the finished product. I love how the Daisy D's paper looks! Gives it a classic look instead of being too juvenile. His teacher is also a scrapbooker so I hope she will enjoy it.

I've been MIA for a few days and laxed on posting, but I've had a terrible head cold and feeling blah. I feel considerably better today. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. I walked the past few days, but man the humidity has been awful. I look like I hosed off after I get done on the trail. I do believe we skipped past spring right into summer. Still better than some places STILL getting snow!! No thank you. I'll take the heat any day.

I'll post sometime tomorrow and show you what I did for my mom. She is THE best. Hope all the mommies out there have a fabulous day! We deserve it. There is is NO harder job or more rewarding out there!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Living to be a loser.....

So tonight was weigh in and it was a good week! Down 2.4!! Woo flippin' HOO!! I was correct in going back to more of the fresh foods. I really believe it helped. My exercise was about the same. So it must be what I ate even though it has all been within my points. I'm SO happy!!!

Ross started his week off good. 100% on his spelling test, got his colored work hung on the teachers wall and started with a green. He didn't have the best week last week. Two yellows-both for talking. Sheesh. I must say (with very guarded words) that I think I see an attitude change for the good. He seems to be less whiny and has been happier. I'm hoping this is a permanent change. Then again, I'm not looking forward to what the next stage may bring. The bigger they get, the bigger their problems.

I miss my aunt. I talked to her yesterday and she sounded good. Pray for her. She finally was released to go back to work after breaking her arm so badly. She wanted to get back, but I know that it will be hard after being off so long. She works night shifts (she's a RN) and she has been off her regular schedule. I hope she gets back into the swing of things and God makes it an easy transistion for her and with little pain and stress as her arm is still healing. It was such a bad break.
Hope you and yours have a great week. I'm finishing a book for Ross' teacher as a thank you gift for the end of the year. I can't believe that school is almost over and that I have a soon to be second grader. Wow. That made me feel a tad older. But I'm looking better!! Ha HA!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

They do exist!!!!

Cutie Bugs!!! Can't say bugs are a favorite of mine unless they're this stinkin' cute! Mojo was a flowing today. Actually it's been yearning to overflow, and I have not had time to sit out at my desk for more than 5 minutes. Sheesh. But this was a photo that I wanted to scrap and I didn't let things like fighting with the pesky hospital about my bill get in the way
(I won that battle, by the way-$0 balance-thank you very much).
Always called my sweet boy my cutie bug and he still is. He wasn't quite two in this photo. Sigh. Where did the time go? I like the way the Technique Tuesday bugs turned out on the corners. There is a green one in the lower right corner, but it's hard to see in the photo. But I am really happy with the outcome. And~gasp~ I used pink on a boy layout! It just made those pink antennas pop! Hope you enjoy.
Gonna go create some more. It's that kind of day. Just wanna create today and have something accomplished and not just half done.