Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've been taggged...

By my my bloggin' pal Renee. Go check out her blog here Renee . WARNING: make sure you have no liquid in your mouth when reading her blog as it will probably hit your computer!!! LOL! She is so funny! And inspirational to top off her great personality. I love to see her posts pop up on my Google reader~look forward to it actually. So here goes, thank you, Renee, for taking my tagged virginty~yep this is my first one.

1.Ten years ago.
I worked as a directs receiving manager at Winn Dixie. (loved this job~gave it up to stay home with my son~best decision I ever made)

2.Five things on today’s “to do list”
Go get a new battery for my van. Do the dishes. Do laundry. Make two cards. Work with my Bad Girls kit.

3.Snacks I enjoy
Sugar -free jello pudding,WW yogurt, chips and salsa, All-Bran crackers w/Laughing Cow cheese, most fruit

4.Things I would do if I was a millionaire
Sheesh, this could be a lonnnnng answer, but I would invest a big part of it to make sure we could live off the interest and never have to work again. I would buy a new house w/ a scrapbook wing. I would make sure my mom had everything she ever wanted for all the stuff she gave up to raise me and my siblings. Make sure my son would be set for life-although it would be a trust as I believe he should know the value of working for things. I'll stop here.

5.Places I have lived
Illinois ~ MANY places in Arkansas ~ Florida

So that's it. Not to painful. Now I have to tag four others, so let's see. I tag..
Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 4 people and posts their names with links to their blog, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answers.
Thanks, again Renee!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My new treat to myself...and it is ssssssssooooooooo yummy!!!! Just add a splash of diet 7UP and you get zero points and a good relaxing buzz! It's pour and serve, no mixing required. It is a VERY good thing......

Like the energizer bunny...

I keep going and going and....well you know. I lost another 1.2lbs this week~woohoo!!!! I'm at an even 44 now!! Some days it really seems like this journey is dragging. I've found that some days I feel SO fat and find myself getting discouraged easily. This is the first time I've had this happen since I started WW. I've had down days, but I have really found that I am having to encourage myself more. Not sure why this is. I feel better, I'm going down clothes sizes steadily, yet I just feel like I'm not doing all I can. This has mainly been an issue for the last couple of weeks. Not really sure what triggered it, I just know that it has affected my mind set some. I don't feel discouraged in the sense that I want to give up, but more so that I'm not doing my best. Truth be known, I'm probably not. I am still walking atleast 3~4 times a week, but have dropped off from exercising as much while at home mainly because Ross is out of school. I tell myself that this is not a valid excuse, but it's just that this is the way it rolls on a daily basis. Sheesh. Oh well. Just a hurdle I must get over. This is a constant war and new battles seem to imerge from no where. Part of my problem, I think, is that I have SO much more to lose!! I need to stop thinking about that and just moving forward. My pal Lynn made a very good point at our meeting last night. I'm a lot closer to my goal than I was, even if it is still a ways off. Thanks, Lynn. That helped me more than you know. I'm so glad I have some real friends supporting me. I know that I could NOT do this without them!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Stellar Speller

So yesterday was a great mail day. You know the kind when you get something really good out of the mailbox instead of junk mail and bills. I got Ross' end of the year report card and his SAT rsults. So I'm gonna just start bragging now and try not to beat around the bush. My son ROCKED his SAT's!!!! Now, I don't know what is actually on the SAT for a first grader, but it does show his grade equivilant and his national percentile ranks and he is off the charts!!
He scored a perfect score in 8 different catergories and the ENTIRE reading/spelling section he scored as high as he could. Yep, he got EVERY single one correct!! He also scored perfect in science and part of math, but his overall math was his weak piont. Anyhoo, he is atleast a 3rd grade level in everything, averaging at 4th grade and he is reading and spelling on a 5.8 grade level!!!!!!!! That's like sixth grade people!!! I'm just so proud of him. SO PROUD!!
Hope you didn't mind me gloating but I believe his horn deserves to be tooted!!!! Oh, and I got so excited about telling you about his SAT scores, I forgot to say, he ended up with a 95% overall grade for the school year on his report card as well!! Look out second grade........

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is my mom in 1951 in Chicago. She is either holding my gram or great-gram's hand. I LOVE this photo. She was sooooooooo pretty. When I went through my Chatterbox papers, this pallete jumped out. I am so pleased with the end result. My mom liked it, but added after the fact that she doesn't like purple. But it REALLY looks good with all the other colors with the b&w pic.
Don't you agree????

So weigh in was good. Lost another 1.4 this week. Should hit the 45lb mark next week!! I am seeing my goal now. Doesn't seem so far away. Just seems slow getting there at times.

I want to congratulate my pal, Lynn, for reaching a big milestone w/WW. She hit her 10% goal!!!!!!! Woohoo, chickie!! YOU rock that scale you big loser, bwahahahahaa! Love ya!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The simple things

I know I need to slow down and enjoy them. Remember when you were a kid and loved doing the little stuff. Like climb a tree or just look at all the small stuff around you. I do. I remember not being able to wait to get outside and play. I want to get back there to that place and stop worrying about the stuff that really isn't going to change if I worry about it or not. I feel so energized and productive and hope that nothing will come along and knock it all for a loop. See, there I go worrying again. Really need to stop that and enjoy what matters most.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not so Happy Father's day...

...for many of us in our family. This is the first Father's Day without my gramp and my mom's dad. He was a father to me and my siblings because ours refused to be one. He was the strength and backbome for many of us and he is SO missed. We love you Gramp and it's not the same down here, but I'm sure heaven is a singin', happier place with you there.
We are celebrating the day with my hubby and Ross. Celebrating what we are thankful for and we are so grateful that he is such a good daddy. He really is. Ross is his whole world.
Hope you enjoy the day with your father-no matter who may play that role. And for those of us remembering ours, be thankful we had them and for the diffrence they made in our lives.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Everything

This would be him. My everything that I had been looking for all my life. So many times in different parts of my life, I had felt a void and tried filling it with things that I thought made me happy. Until I had him, I never knew what those voids were. He most definitly completes me. I am so thankful, so blessed.
I think my mojo is bbbbbbbaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkk!!! Woohoo!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Found a bit of my mojo..

I have been in a slump lately and while

walking with my friend, Ann, on Sunday, she mentioned her birthday was today. And I wanted to give her something special. So, I remembered she had emailed me some pictures of her beautiful new grand-daughter, Victoria. I decided I would make her a quick little brag book with the pictures. I hope I did such a beautiful baby justice and the book is pretty enough to show her. She is the cutest little girl. I'm happy with the book for doing it quickly. I'm pretty sure Ann liked it,hahahaha. She was a bit surprised and delighted. I'm gonna turn her into a srapbooker yet.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPOD Junkies....

That is so not the term that you would expect to hear in any description of my husband. Now, it's not that he isn't cool or anything like that, but let's just say that those of you who know him, also know that hearing that he even has an iPOD much less is addicted to the stupid thing is wacked. For those of you that don't know him, he is about as country boy as they come and would rather the world still have dirt roads and horse and buggies. Seriously. EVERY single time I mention the word iPOD and my DH having one, the person says, "Sylvester has an iPOD". Every time!

But he wanted an iPOD and I bought him one and now I am sentenced to atleast an hour a night to importing his favorite cd's into the thing. He HAD to have the 80GB so it could hold more. 20,000 songs more!! He will NEVER put that many songs on the thing. But he has the room if he ever wants to. Whatever.
For the past couple of nights, Ross has been getting his fix of the addiction as well. It's actually quite cute to see the two of them. Each one has an earphone and Ross loves to listen to the old Ray Stevens comedy songs. (I warned you my husband was a redneck). But anyhoo, Ross loves the one song 'It's Me Again, Margaret'. HE just thinks it is the funniest thing. And they both sit there and laugh at the same parts of the song. It really is hysterical!! Just for these moments, the iPOD was worth EVERY penny.
Well, I didn't make it to weigh in this week due to bad storms that hit right at meeting time, but I can tell you I stayed the same as last week, but it's that time of the month so I can't expect to much. KWIM? And coming off a 4.2lb loss last week, I can't be dissapointed either. Next week will be better. The bloat will be gone.
Hope you have a great week. Enjoy the summer. We sure are.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lazy days...

...of summer have begun. Although I still get up early to walk. Starting at 7am these days to try and beat the heat. We had a family day today that was nice being together. Really nice. It's till up in the air what we're doing tomorrow. Maybe a bit of shopping~for DH~which means boring tool shopping}insert eyeroll.

We're still debating what we're going to do for our family vaca. We have a cabin reserved for August in the Keys to go lobstering, but we are seriously considering getting our money back because of the price of gas. We just figure we could make some really nice memories for the $ we'd be filling up the boat and truck with. I am still voting for the Keys. I've been looking forward to it. But, reality bites. Gas is ridiculous. We're not making any hasty decisions. We have plenty of time to decide. I'm crossing my fingers for the Keys.

I think I'm going to stay up and scrap tonight. I feel a bit of my mojo. I have a LO started I need to finish and move on. My blogging pal Renee has a fun challenge goin' on and I think I may join in. Go check it out here

Hope you have a happy weekend. Make it a scrappy one!

Monday, June 2, 2008

No stopping me now

So today was weigh in at WW and guess what? Yep. I lost 4.2 lbs. this week and blew right on by 40, yes that's FORTY!!!!!!!!!!! I am at 41.4 lbs. lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woo flippin' hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! I just know it's gonna be another great week!! My new challenge is to be at 55 lost by the end of June. I can do it.
I CAN DO IT!!!!! There's no stopping me. That drive and will power has kicked in and I feel it going into over drive! I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Perfect end... a busy week! Whew. I'm tired. Ross' last week of school was a busy one, but a fun one all the same. After the long holiday weekend, he went back and I finished helping Sylvester tie up some loose ends with the boat. On Thursday, Ross' class had a beach party and we had a blast! Ross LOVES the beach and the water! And mix in all his buddies and you have a party!! We had a great time.

On Friday, his classs had a half day and they celebrated the kids who had birthadys over the summer. Add some food in a mix of hyper kids who know they have four hours left of first grade, and you get a....headache. No, seriously, it was fun. So nice to see them all so happy. I of course got some cute pictures. This one is Ross with his buddy Damien and his sweetness Amanda. I love that they have all known each other since pre-school and are growing up together. That they are all growig in Christ and can pray together and learn the good things in life as well as get an outstanding education. For this, I am so blessed and so thankful. I have watched Ross and his friends grow and become close. He has some friends have to move away and has made some new ones along the way, but there are pretty much the same kids that are growing up together and it is awesome to see them be able to have that opportunity in a society where most kids are pushed through a system and hopefully learned the bare mininmum to move on. On top of his relationships he's building with God and his friends, he is receiving top-notch education. Again, I am SO thankful.

After the couple of days of fun, this is how Ross ended up Friday night. Fell asleep right where he sat watching a movie he had been waiting to come on t.v. Sound asleep. Oh, to be able to sleep so sound.
And last night we had our pictures done by a very good friend who had done a shoot for us before Ross was born and let me tell ya, he is amazing. You can check out his work here He is AMAZING! And a true friend. He took some shots that I get heart wrenched just looking at. It was an incredible end to a great week. I even caught a tarpon this week on top of every thing else! The photo shoot was the cherry on top though. It was something I will always remember and will have the memories to treausre on my walls and scrapbooks.