Monday, March 9, 2009

Post of a working girl

So I had a few minutes before getting ready for work, and thought I would blog a halfway real post. With pictures and everything...WOOHOO! Not much new. I have been working six day work weeks since the end of January, but that will slow when season slows in the next month. Making money while I can. And that means that there isn't much time for much else. No scrapping lately, but soon. I am itching to. I want to take LOTS of pictures with my new camera which I LOVE!

We did go to Ross' family fun fest last weekend at school and had a lot of fun. REALLY needed some time together as a family. Had breakfast in the morning and headed to the school. They had lots of stuff for the kids and prizes and of course lots of goodies. Ross mainly wanted the cotton candy...pure sugar high...oh yeah

He was so cute. Loved playing with all his friends. This is Amanda. His very BEST friend since kindergarten.

And yes that look on Ross' face is PURE happiness. He adores her and she just adores him. They are so adorable together. May have to keep an eye on this...plenty of time to worry, right? They are still so innocent.

I sure miss my boy. Seems like we are apart more than together with my schedule, but he's adjusting well. And I was so ready to get back to a real job. I love it.

I spend most free time catching up the laundry and cleaning whatever part of the house gets lucky that day. But all is good. We are all happy and currently healthy. We have all had some nasty bugs over the past month. Ross missed an entire week of school. I only missed one day of work, but only because they MADE me stay home. I worked through with fever and all. Four days for the fever to break, but hey, have to keep going. SL only lost half a day when he had his turn. Thank God for Immodium. And bleach.

Well, I hope to have some layouts to share soon. Tomorrow is my first day off in nine days, and Lynnie and I are headed for some over-due retail therapy. Hope the shelves are well stocked, LOL.


Lynn said...

woo hoo my friend!!!! can't wait! can't wait! and i have the same schedule you do!!!! but, we are headed to purchase yummy goodness. bwahahaha! see ya in a few!

Renee Lamb said...

He is the most cutest boy...his eyes are just amazing. and love the picture of him and his friend...she's very pretty. they would make a cute couple ;) LOL --glad to hear all is well with you!

Jill said...

Cute pics! Stunning eyes -- wow!